Hello, I’m Liliana.

Meeting you where you’re at, capturing moments for you through photos and song.

Work With Me

Behind the Name Lili of the Sound

I was talking with a friend about what to call myself. I wanted to embody what I felt connected to photographs and music while keeping it authentic to myself and what my vibe is. I had considered Lily of the Valley or something similar. My friend said, “Why not, Lily of the Sound?” There are no words to describe my reaction. Once she said that I knew I needed to because I grew up in the Puget Sound area, also,  here’s the cool part…sound is complex but it’s in everything, including life! Sound is vibration that’s captured through an acoustic wave that all living things have. In song there are many stories, emotions, and human life that is captured through those vibrations across the acoustic waves by the voice and other instruments. When photographers capture those beautiful shots, that click signals that those moments are forever.

In the beginning

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by nature of forested trails of nearby parks in the Puget Sound area and beautiful Mt. Rainer. I see the beauty around capture what I see through the lens of a new Kodak throw-away camera. Sure, these photos cut things off in strange and abstract places, but the passion was born. As a teen, still surrounded by nature of forested trails of nearby parks, the Puget Sound, and beautiful Mt. Rainer, I notice how the light peaks through the trees branches on hikes, how the sun gently kisses the water as it sets, and the joy of the candid laugh. Now as an adult, I’ve traded the Puget Sound for the rolling hills and farmlands of Tennessee, creating beautiful memories with each click.

As far as photography goes, I tend to gravitate toward nature like waterfronts, sunrises, and sunsets, not to forget trees, they’re my favorite. Capturing life’s moments is such a beautiful and precious opportunity. Taking photos of couples, families, maternity, portraits, or weddings is lovely to be able to photograph and come alongside others to create something beautiful.

Growing up, music played at home was everything from James to Handel’s Hallelujah to Sting and even Enya. I sang my way through school. I participated in the highest large choir in my local high school, sang in the Snow Chorus for the Nutcracker with Tacoma City Ballet, and recorded a compact disc of a concert.

I competed in Solo Ensemble, where I received a superior rating as a sophomore. I traveled to France, where I sang at Cathedrals such as Notre De Paris and St. Germain Cathedral. Vocally I study with Jessica Milanese, based in Seattle, WA. My voice is considered a Lyric Soprano. My sound is a singer-songwriter with a touch of folk.


Projects I am currently working on is doing covers on my YouTube channel, TikTok collaborations, Instagram, and writing my own original music. Some of my influences as an artist are Avi Kaplan, Bon Iver, Nefesh Mountain, Bob Dylan, and more.

Regardless of the many gifts and joys I have. I give all glory to the Creator of the Universe, G-d. I am grateful for His salvation and that He has given me the opportunity to be a blessing to those around me.